by cranberrystirling



Falling off the wagon. Its was a solid 10 days of drinking. Luckily I didn’t smoked a cigarette. Unfortunately the stranglehold of my Nicorette Quickmist had taken over. When I ran out I started sucking the nozzle like a junky sucking the veins of his companion who had overdosed. Desperate for a rush… something real… familiar. I had become a slave for nicotine and alcohol. I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks and have an empty bank account due to the excessive lifestyle derived from the immediate desires of a drunkard. There is no point googling ‘save money hungover’. Buying up bacon the night before is never on the mind of the impulsive. To make matters worse or better, taking prescription anxiety drugs to take the edge off before going for a smooth walk to the art gallery did not helped the start of my week back at work (which was over a week or so ago). Time fly’s. This makes me wonder about functioning alcoholics. They manage to hold down stressful jobs, beat the kids and damage parked cars while grocery shopping. What makes me ‘different’. Its 10 days in and I just seems to find things in the office to stuff in my nostrils to get cheap laughs.


Sorry about the delays my dedicated readers. It’s been wild.