Another day another dog to cuddle then eat

by cranberrystirling

Another day another dog to cuddle then eat

Dogs can be slimming if you hold them in front of you.

Hi potential readers … I have created this blog to sell more hamburgers track my own journey to the gun show. The reason why I thought I should join the cavalcade of bloggers with ripped abs, twin identical brothers, Jenifer Hawkins and sports bra’s is because while the information is helpful it misses the point. KFC is awesome, McDonalds Big Mac’s were put here by god and smoking cigarettes and boozing is fun. We have lifestyles that get us out, on the streets, throws a beer into your hands and all you can do is run loose spitting your kebab over your mates.

I am a 31 year old male, weighing in at 108kgs. I am 194cm tall. I eat a lot of food.

I work in client liaison for a company that provides property investment portfolios to people with the objective to build wealth for retirement. During my training I had to sit with one of the consultants and he spent an hour explaining and asking me various questions regarding my retirement plan. When asked how much money I wanted when I retire I said – do I really want to live that long? Rather than work toward a retirement plan can’t we use our money on alcohol, delicious fatty food and nicotine? Surely that will relieve the tax payers having to support pensioners. Why do we want to live so old anyways? Surely they should drop the price of cigarettes and booze and support high fat and salted food? – He saw my point.

Is health and fitness all about prolonging our lives before inevitable incontinence gets us? Or is it about looking and feeling great? Because I know when I’m drunk in a freshly ironed shirt I feel and look great.

Regardless I shook off this flight of fancy and realigned my thoughts. I’m going to be fit and healthy. In this blog I am going talk about food and fitness to some extent and the rest my day to day activities. How with all the vices and luxuries people like us indulge, fail and rebuild to continue to feel overwhelmed by fads, fun runs, superfoods, calorie counting, surprising facts, strippers and general sky larking.

Bring it internet.

Ps. Im a bad speller. If this takes off I expect a lesson in spelling rather than a correction. No body likes a smart arse. So take that on board and maybe people will like you more or at least hate you less.